The Plan The planning for Goa was surprisingly straightforward considering the fact that most plans to the little state fail almost instantly. So the fact that everyone readily agreed at least to go on a trip in January was downright stunning. Going to Goa was my suggestion, obviously. It’d been almost 3 years since my … More Goa


The Plan The planning for a Pondicherry (or Puducherry as it is now technically called) trip has been ongoing for a good part of 6 years. It started in my 1st year of engineering where I got till the booking my tickets stage but had to drop out at the last-minute after other commitments cropped … More Pondicherry


The Plan When I got the call that the plan was to go to Bhutan in June, I laughed. It was mid march and I was at a relative’s place in Mangalore. The idea of my old college group going to Bhutan was hilarious. As with most groups, coordinating and going anywhere isn’t easy, going … More Bhutan