Hello fickle reader, and welcome to my brilliantly evil blog. Muhahahaha!!!

Okay, not really. My name is Varun, though, with the number of nicknames, pet-names and variations of my own name I’ve had over the years, my actual name has been sparingly used at best. I’m an electrical engineer by education and a slave to the IT industry by trade. I reside in Bangalore, or Bengaluru as it’s now known, and have called the chaotic, traffic-choked, still green, still lively, awesome city my home my entire life. Travel has always been a bit of an obsession of mine and I’ve thankfully been cursed with a family and a group of friends who are equally travel crazy. Thankful because they allow me to travel to my heart’s content. Cursed because I’m sometimes dragged on so many trips that the rest of my life and obligations had to take a backseat due to lack of time and money.

Another rather annoying issue I ran into was that all my memories of my journeys started to blend together to a point where I wasn’t sure what exactly I did on each trip. Yes I know, that’s not actually a real problem to have, but bear with me. That’s where this little blog comes in. It’s a space to note down my stories while I still recall them and hopefully come back and read them when I feel like it. Or maybe share them with people who actually find my unfortunate misadventures amusing. A disclaimer here is that I’m not some kind of seasoned travel writer or photographer, just a regular idiot with a ticket and a hotel reservation. So the stories told here are from my experiences and your mileage may vary when visiting some of the places I mention in the blog. After all, I’m usually just as lost as the next guy and finding the good and bad of any place is half the fun, with a little help from the internet of course.

With that said, go ahead and enjoy the blog. 🙂