Over Tea

It was a cold rainy night as we sat at a local restaurant and sipped hot tea. The weather had been too hot and too dry, so the spell of bone chilling rain was a welcome change. Hot tea just made the whole experience all the more serene. Unfortunately the man sitting opposite me was … More Over Tea

Heading home

It was a cold January night at Thrissur station, with a grey tinge to the sky after the sun had set, leaving behind the still night air. The mood was unusually subdued for what is one of the busiest railway junctions in Kerala. The trains were late that day, as they usually are, and that … More Heading home


The Plan The planning for Goa was surprisingly straightforward considering the fact that most plans to the little state fail almost instantly. So the fact that everyone readily agreed at least to go on a trip in January was downright stunning. Going to Goa was my suggestion, obviously. It’d been almost 3 years since my … More Goa